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Ms. Green’s testimony shows that she has reviewed the court’s records
including vocational and educational history, and the medical records
insofar as they reference the various mental and physical limitations.
At hearings, she demonstrates she has researched the exertional and
nonexertional requirements of the candidate’s past relevant work and how
the current functional impairments impact these requirements.
I am always pleased to see Ms. Green’s name on my witness register
because I know the quality of the testimony that will be forthcoming.”

Jacqueline S. Drucker
Senior United States
Administrative Law Judge

SUSAN D. GREEN, M.S., CRC, FVE, ABVE has been active in the rehabilitation community for over 20 years in the areas of workers' compensation, disability management, and vocational consulting. She is an experienced expert witness in workers’ compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, marital dissolution, Social Security disability, long-term disability, ERISA and ADA cases. Susan Green is a Forensic Vocational Expert, Certified Vocational Expert and Certified Vocational Counselor. Since 1995, she has been President of Susan Green and Associates. Susan Green and her team of associates provide prompt and professional expertise in job analysis, job placement, job-seeking skills, labor market research, transferable skills analysis, vocational testing, vocational rehabilitation plans, disability management and case management. Please contact us to discuss the area in which we can best serve your needs.