Curriculum Vitae

Susan Green completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey in 1974. She received her Master of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1987. Susan Green is certified in Professional Disability Management and is a Professional in Business Management.

Susan Green & Associates
Vocational & Rehabilitation Consulting
Forensic Vocational Evaluations
Wage Loss Analysis
Expert Witness Testimony

12405 Venice Blvd Suite 117
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 559-8548
"Susan Green's vocational rehabilitation expertise, coupled with her
artful presentation of those issues to the jury at trial, has proven to be
an invaluable litigation asset to my wrongful termination practice."
David Peter Cwiklo
Law Offices of David Peter Cwiklo, PC



1997 Certificate of Completion
Certified Professional in Disability Management

Insurance Education Association
Newport Beach, California

1990 Certificate of Completion
Professional Designation in Business Management.
University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Extension
Los Angeles, California

1987 Master of Science Degree in Counseling
Major: Vocational Rehabilitation

California State University, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

1974 Bachelor of Science Degree. Major: Sociology
Ramapo State College of New Jersey
Mahwah, New Jersey

1972 Associate of Arts Degree. Major: Liberal Arts
Edward Williams College
Hackensack, New Jersey


2014 Certificate of Achievement

Certified Rehabilitation Vocationologist – Diplomate (CRV-D)

2003 Forensic Vocational Expert
American Rehabilitation Economics Association

2000 Certified Vocational Expert
American Board of Vocational Experts, #1526, Diplomate, American Board

1995 Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor
Certification, #1357

1990 Certified Professional in Disability Management
Insurance Education Association


American Board of Vocational Experts

American Rehabilitation Economics Association

International Association of Rehabilitation Professional


Completed courses, seminars, and sessions sponsored by the following
institutions and associations from 1980 to the present:

American Board of Vocational Experts
American Rehabilitation Economics Association
Association of Southern California Defense Counsel
California Applicants’ Attorneys Association
California Association of Rehabilitation and Reemployment Professionals
Disability Management Employers Coalition
International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
Insurance Education Association
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
Los Angeles County Bar Association
National Association of ADA Coordinators
National Association of Rehabilitation and Reemployment Professionals
Organization of Bilingual Rehabilitation Associates
Southern California Rehabilitation Exchange
University of California Extension, Irvine
University of California Extension, Los Angeles
Vocational Economic Analysts
Vocationology, Inc.


1995 -             President/Rehabilitation Consultant
Present          Susan Green and Associates, Los Angeles, California

Counsel industrially injured workers under the auspices of the State Department of Industrial Accidents. Services include: Comprehensive vocational rehabilitation counseling, vocational exploration, evaluation, research, plan development, monitoring and job placement services. Develop comprehensive job descriptions. Consulting and expert testimony for vocational rehabilitation, disability management and related issues. Administration and management of a vocational consulting firm.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling and Consulting
Experienced Agreed Vocational Evaluator and Independent Vocational Evaluator.
Facilitate placement in transitional employment during medical recovery
Review medical restrictions and assess vocational skills to recommend permanent job modifications or alternate employment with the employer.
Provide rehabilitation counseling for injured workers. Administer and interpret vocational tests and evaluate vocational feasibility. Develop, implement and monitor vocational rehabilitation plans for disabled adults.
Access transferable skills; analyze jobs and essential functions; arrange reasonable accommodations if necessary. Facilitate vocational exploration; research schools and labor market; provide job seeking skills training and job placement assistance.
Conduct vocational evaluations to determine vocational feasibility, residual employability, earning capacity and job placement potential.

Expert Testimony

Provide expert testimony as requested by plaintiff and defense attorneys as well as by the Court. Experienced expert witness in workers’ compensation, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment discrimination, marital dissolution, Social Security disability, and long-term disability.

1991 –         Independent Contract Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
           Vocational Ventures, Montebello, California
Continental Rehabilitation Resources, San Diego, California
                    Network Career Counseling, Glendale, California

Provided vocational rehabilitation counseling to industrially injured workers. Administered vocational tests, developed and implemented rehabilitation plans. Provided job seeking skills and job placement services. Conducted labor market surveys and transferable skills analyses.

1987 -         Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator
          Aetna Casualty and Surety Company, Glendale, California
                   Mission Insurance, Glendale, California.

Provided rehabilitation coordination services for two major insurance carriers. Reviewed files and made appropriate referrals for rehabilitation services. Authorized rehabilitation services and payments. Attended Rehabilitation Unit conferences. Educated claim representatives and employers on rehabilitation laws and return-to-work issues. Responsible for a caseload of over one hundred fifty files.

1985 –         Corporate Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator
UES and Pacific Coast Colleges, Santa Ana, California

Liaison between fourteen vocational schools and rehabilitation counselors. Screened potential rehabilitation students. Coordinated appropriate training programs. Met with rehabilitation counselors, training school executive directors, admission representatives, placement directors, financial aid officers and corporate officials.

1982 –         Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
           American Rehabilitation Management, Encino, California
                    Ronald B. Harper, Inc., Beverly Hills, California

Provided vocational rehabilitation counseling for industrially injured workers. Administered vocational tests and developed and implemented rehabilitation plans through job seeking skills and job placement services. Conducted labor market surveys and transferable skills analyses.

1980 –         Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjuster
           Crawford and Company, Los Angeles, California

Handled both liability and workers’ compensation insurance claims for a major independent insurance adjusting company from initiation to settlement/completion. Investigated legitimacy for claim, interview witnesses, obtain statements including written and recorded, and analyze medical reports. Responsible for a caseload of three hundred files. Conducted outside investigations for workers’ compensation claims department. Negotiated settlements with attorneys and referred claimants to appropriate physicians.



Proctor, American Board of Vocational Experts Certification Exam
Knowledge Enhancement Review, American Board of Vocational Experts

, Program and Membership Committees, Los Angeles
Collaborative Family Law Association, West Los Angeles Chapter

Proctor, American Board of Vocational Experts Certification Exam



Instructor, ABVE, American Board of Vocational Experts, “VDARE TO BE GREAT!” - Introduction and Utilization of the McCroskey Vocational Quotient System (MVQS) VDARE 15.0 in Forensic Applications, March 2015, San Antonio, TX.


Speaker, Santa Monica Bar Association, Family Law Section, "The Vocational Evaluation:  Everything You Should Know."  November 2006, Santa Monica, CA.

Speaker, Collaborative Law Class taught by Fred Glassman, Esq. "Benefits of Collaborative Process in Vocational Evaluations." UCLA Extension, March 2006, Los Angeles, CA.

Instructor, ABVE, American Board of Vocational Experts Conferences, Knowledge Enhancement Seminar, April 2006, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and October 2006, Pittsburg, PA.

Instructor, CARRP, California Association of Rehabilitation & Reemployment Professionals, "Diminished Earning Capacity Seminar", April 2006, Riverside, CA.

Speaker, Pasadena Bar Association, Family Law Section, April 2006, University Club, Pasadena, CA.

Speaker, Family Law Attorney Study Group, Law Offices of DaCorsi & Placencio, April 2006, Woodland Hills, CA.

Instructor, “Diminished Earning Capacity Seminar,” National Computer Training,
Los Angeles, CA

Speaker, Family Law Attorney Study Group, “How Vocational Experts Determine Earning
Capacity in Family Law Cases,” Law Offices of Carolyn Martin, Long Beach, CA.

1998 - 1999

Instructor, IEA - Insurance Education Association, CPDM1 – Certified

Professional in Disability Management Program, Pasadena, California


Speaker, American Career College, “How to Market Vocational Training Programs to the
Rehabilitation Community,” Los Angeles, California.


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